Black Belts

Black Belt Honor Roll

Progressive Tactics is proud to present our Black Belt Honor Roll. This list represents those staff members and students who have shown the ultimate dedication and perserverance to attain the rank of Black Belt. Many years of hard work, devotion and discipline have been required to achieve this honor.

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Bill Barker - 6th dan

Nicole Mulkey - 4th dan/ master

David Knott - 3rd dan/ Kyosa

Theresa Terlecki - 2nd dan/ Dayang Dalawa

Kimberly Hymes - 1st dan

shayna Kechego - 1st dan

dale Van Vliet - 1st dan

Mark Paulovich - lakan Isa (1st dan)

Ken Pfeiffle - 3rd dan

Bill Pace - 1st dan

Barb Mosley - 1st dan

Derek Mosley - 1st dan

Bill Richards - 2nd dan

Jamie mangold - 1st dan

Robert Graff - 1st dan

Eric Calvird - 2nd dan

Ron Baynton - 1st dan

Dustin Menter - 1st dan

Ami Patel - 1st dan

Nick Bercheni - 1st dan

Marianne Delos Reyes - 2nd dan

Brandon Beaudrie - 1st degree

Justin Beaudrie - 1st degree black belt

Rowell Delos Reyes - 1st dan black belt


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